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Newsletter Issue No. 11

I M P O R T A N T I N F O !

Our Role in Your Development

The Association of Accredited Certifiers was recently interviewed by the ABC on their defence of Certifiers.

To listen to the interview, check out this link and go to the time 2:35:53.

There can be a lot of misunderstanding in terms of what a Certifier's role is in relation to the important work we do in the community. One main issue we face on a daily basis is complaints about the day to day activities of builders on site - it is important to remember that we do not supervise the building work for or on behalf of the owner / builder or have input in the Development Consent issued by Council.

We would like to thank the Association for their continued support!



W E L C O M E T O O U R N E W S T A F F !

A big welcome to our new Receptionist!

Maddy joined our team in October and has been learning the ropes at a very fast pace ever since! We feel grateful to have such an amazing, supportive, strong headed and positive person as a part of our team who is so eager to learn all of the things! Maddy is hoping to start a Degree in Construction Management in the new year and we look forward to supporting her along the way. When not taking calls and scheduling your inspections, Maddy can be found making pancake trails for our office dog, and sweating it up at the gym.

Meet our Office Administrator!

Carola has been an asset to our team since day 1 and is always coming up with ideas to help improve our systems and processes. She provides an amazing level of support to our Directors and team, and constantly brightens up our days with her bubbly personality. When not in the office, Carola can be found riding her bicycle around the Supercars track (with security chasing her), or enjoying a couple of Jack Daniel's with her significant other. Next time you speak with Carola, ask her what flower she found on Friday.



We now offer a Credit / Debit Card payment facility as well as BPAY! Contact us now to make a payment using one of the following methods:

- Direct Bank Transfer

- Instant Transfer using PayID

- Credit / Debit Card


- Cheque / Cash


J O I N O U R T E A M !

Are you the right fit for our team? Know someone who may be? We have a position open for the following role:


(min. 2 years experience)

For more information, please contact



These babies arrived last week and they are pretty damn tasty...we currently have 40 cases sitting in our office waiting for your taste buds (minus one or two that we have stored in the fridge for the team)!

Check out the video of our beers in production here!

A big thanks to Bucket Brewery for making this happen! Check out their website for more info on their brews and events.



Loose-fill asbestos resource for building contractors

Builders, contractors and inspectors working on or in pre-1980s built homes need to check if loose-fill asbestos insulation is present in the home before starting work or quoting for work.

Loose-fill asbestos insulation is raw asbestos that has been crushed into a fine state and installed in ceiling spaces. Loose-fill asbestos insulation can only be identified by testing – it cannot be identified visually, if in doubt, stay out and organise to get it tested.

More information is available in the What Building Contractors need to know about Loose-Fill Asbestos fact sheet, which can be downloaded from the NSW Fair Trading website .

Swimming Pool Regulation 2018

The new Swimming Pools Regulation 2018 started on 1 September 2018 with changes including:

- A requirement for occupiers to display a warning notice while a pool is under construction

- Clarification on the ability for local authorities to charge fees for re-inspections

View the Swimming Pools Regulation 2018 for more information.

Amendments to plumbing and drainage laws

The NSW Government has made changes to the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2011 and the Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2017 to improve NSW Fair Trading's ability to regulate the sector. These are:

- Changes to pre-notification periods

- Changes to timing requirements for a Certificate of Compliance and Sewer Service Diagram

- New items that can be issued as written directions

For more information, please visit the Fair Trading website.

Amendments to the security of payments laws

The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Amendment Bill 2018 has now passed NSW Parliament.

The Bill contains the following key reforms:

- Reducing payment timeframes for subcontractors to 20 business days

- Providing payment claim entitlements at least once per month and on termination

- Prohibiting claimants in liquidation from making or enforcing a payment claim

- Providing for a code of practice for authorised nominating authorities

- Giving the Supreme Court the power to sever an adjudication determination in part or in whole

- Reinstating the requirement for the endorsement of payment claims

- Introducing and aligning compliance and enforcement powers with other legislation administered by NSW Fair Trading.

Work on the Regulations has commenced with further updates provided on the NSW Fair Trading website. The Bill is expected to commence in late 2019.

Concrete paving - driveways and paths

Fair Trading’s building inspectors receive approximately 2400 complaints each year and many of those complaints relate to concrete driveways and paths cracking and/or displacing.

Some important things to remember: ​​​​​​​

- If the foundation is not solid, the paving will not stay intact. Make sure the ground you are placing the concrete on is firm and even. Compaction or a suitable fill should be used where necessary.

- Drainage is important to maintain the integrity of the pavement. Ensure the paving is sloped away from the building and any surface water doesn’t settle at the paving edge.

- Use joints to control planned cracking and to avoid random cracking.

- The standard specifies that the slab’s reinforcement must stop 50mm either side of the joint, it cannot be continuous.

- The standard specifies maximum distances between control joints for different thickness and strengths of concrete and the sizing of the reinforcement used.

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